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De-yure De-Fakto Law Bureau offers foreign citizens and stateless persons a legal assistance in obtaining visas in diplomatic missions and consular offices.

We help legal entities and individuals to execute documents regarding foreign citizens’ invitation correctly. We provide legal entities with legal assistance in obtaining and extending their licenses to hire foreign personnel.

There are a lot of cases in legal practices that a debtor refuses to pay to the creditor and the need arises in collecting the debt. “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers debt collecting services to individuals and legal entities. The geography of our activities covers the whole territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In today’s business environment, any company faces situations that require a competent legal intervention. Attempts to understand the judicial subtleties independently, the same as hiring a corporate lawyer are ineffective and very costly.

“De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers a service - registration of companies in Tashkent. To follow the procedure correctly, you need to prepare a set of documents and submit it to the tax inspection at the place of registration of your company.

In the process of routine work of a company, a need to make any changes to the constituent documents will obviously arise. “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers qualified assistance in resolving this issue – to introduce any amendments to the constituent documents in timely and correct manner.

Our Bureau offers you services on the development and analysis of agreements and contracts. You may order the drawing up both of an agreement or a professional legal opinion on existing agreements and contracts.
We provide our services throughout the territory of Tashkent city.

“De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers services on human resource management. You may apply for the service on-line.

“De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau manages professional settlement of labor disputes for individuals. The lawyers of our Bureau who have strong practical experience are ready to analyze the situation and help you in solving a labor dispute.

Sometimes, conflicts that arise between relatives can develop in such a way that legal assistance is required. “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers services on resolving family disputes in a peaceful way, and if this is impossible, our experienced family law attorney will represent you in the court with a complete evidence base.

It is no secret that in today’s rhythm of a large city, it takes time for insurance companies to pay damage caused by an accident. We, “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offer legal support to the road incident participants. Our qualified specialists will render assistance in the field of motor vehicle laws. The services are available to residents of Tashkent.


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