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We, Elektrotech Media LLC have been cooperating with “De-Yure De-Fakto” LB since 2008, throughout this time, we always felt comfortable working with them, due to high professional level of their specialists, as well as very competent and friendly approach. We hope for further productive cooperation with them.
Gerasimenko D.A.

22.04.2016 11:38

We are very grateful for the legal assistance rendered to us and the process won in court, you are a true professional, master of your business.
Sultonov J.P.

25.10.2015 11:42

We have good impressions of the work, human and professional qualities of the Head of the Bureau Mr. Sh. Timurkhodjaev. He is a very competent and supportive specialist, who has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer. He is a member of the legal council of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Suleymanova R.Kh.

25.06.2015 11:41

We both are not the first day in business. We know that every day, from the morning till late evening, we have to answer the questions of our subordinates, our Clients, and all the others, incidentally solving all problems related to doing business, and we understand that solving these tasks requires legal assistance. If you want to get answers to all your questions, legally correctly and competently solve problems within the framework of current legislation, I recommend you to apply to the De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau!!!
Saidov G.S.

04.06.2015 11:40

For a long period of our cooperation, we managed to be convinced in high professionalism of the lawyers of “De-Yure De-Fakto” LB. The main advantage of their specialists is the ability to quickly, skillfully and conscientiously perform the tasks assigned. Currently, the specialists of the Bureau handle several cases of our company in the court related to collecting arrears. The lawyers ability to correctly prepare procedural documents and evidence base always leads to positive court decisions. We are satisfied with the results of work of “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau.
Mirzaakhmedov M.M.

30.05.2015 11:40

Our company deals with private transportation of passengers. In 2009, we purchased vehicles for leasing and a dispute arose between our company and the leasing company, which required solution in the court. We had to apply to the lawyers for legal assistance for the first time. I think that it was our good luck when we chose “De-Yure De-Fakto.” The Law Bureau has protected our rights and interests successfully. Measures taken by the experts of the Bureau allowed us to return vehicles, and as a result, to preserve our business. This is very encouraging, because many companies offer their services - but very little of them are real professionals knowing their trade. We made a right choice. So, thank you very much for the fact you are!!!”
Akhadjanov A.A.

25.05.2015 11:39


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