About bureau

History of Creation of the Bureau

DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau was founded on April 23, 2008, based on the significant and unique experience gained through the years of provision of legal services to various companies, organizations, and government agencies. The Bureau is mainly specialized on the legal aid in the field of legal support for business.

Sherzod Timurkhodjaev, the Founder and the Head of the Law Bureau, has over 20 years of extensive practical experience in legal profession, and a status of lawyer with special area of competency in economic cases of any category of complexity since 2003.

Advantages of the Bureau

Today, modern companies conclude many contracts, act as parties in the economic court, and deal with administrative and other conflicts in the legal field.

In addition, every company has its specific legal structure, which, to a certain extent, determines the scope and nature of its business. All companies of any form of ownership require for their normal functioning highly competent legal support to be provided on the basis of higher legal education, and most importantly, great expertise.

This is the main advantage of the DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau.

We, DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau offer a whole range of professional legal services which will certainly be helpful in successful solution of many problems in a short time.

We provide our support in cases where a partner violates its contractual obligations, the regulatory authorities conduct or plan to conduct an inspection, any document must be draw up, a deal concluded, or standard contract conditions changed correctly, a question related to HR division activities arises or  any revisions should be made in the constituent documents, where a branch or a subsidiary is created, or an advice is needed regarding the economic, civil, family, housing or criminal law, as well as when appealing to the Court.

Founder of the Bureau

Sherzod Timurkhodzhaev is a lawyer with special area of competency in economic cases of any category of complexity and extensive practical experience.

He advises on civil, corporate, family, labor, housing laws, including the cases of road accidents, protection of intellectual property, antitrust laws, etc.

He is a member of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has a total experience in the legal profession since 2003, and a second higher education as Economist.

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