It is no secret that in today’s rhythm of a large city, it takes time for insurance companies to pay damage caused by an accident. We, “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offer legal support to the road incident participants. Our qualified specialists will render assistance in the field of motor vehicle laws. The services are available to residents of Tashkent.

What to do first in case of a road traffic accident?

To ensure a professional level legal protection for you and also, to be also to recover funds to repair your vehicle, you have to apply to experienced lawyers as quickly as possible. A specialist of “De-Yure, De-Fakto” is always ready to properly assess the damage and circumstances of the incident, as well as to monitor the adequate work of law enforcement officers and fill in the necessary documents.

To resolve problems associated with the incident, you should obviously invite lawyers who have appropriate practical skills, because, as a rule, the persons in fault of the accident behave aggressively and brazenly, and this make the beginner to be embarrassed and commit a number of mistakes that are very difficult to correct.


Which services are available to our Bureau Clients?

We provide a number of services aimed at protecting the participants of road accidents:

  • Oral advise;
  • Site visit with the road accident analysis team;
  • Representation of the Client’s interests in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • Appeal against the actions of the insurance company, the Road Transport Service (DTS) and the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  • Preparation of claims and complaints;
  • Participation in the investigation (at any stage);
  • Reimbursement of material and moral harm;
  • Negotiations with the person in fault of the accident and insurance companies (if necessary, without the Client’s participation);
  • Representation in criminal and civil court, on either side of the process.

Your case shall be supervised by an experienced expert in the field of motor vehicle laws who is ready for any actions to achieve a positive result.

Do not leave the situation unattended! Call our lawyers! Our telephones: +998 (71) 228-06-66, +998 (94) 686-06-66.

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