“De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers a service – registration of companies in Tashkent. To follow the procedure correctly, you need to prepare a set of documents and submit it to the tax inspection at the place of registration of your company.

In order to avoid some nuances that might lead to the refuse in registration of a legal entity, it is more practical to entrust the preparation of documents to a professional lawyer. In addition, specialists of our Bureau also provide services on re-registration of a company, in case of appropriate circumstances.


Which documents are required for the registration (re-registration) of the company?

Our lawyers will need to know the following information of your company:

  • name of the future organization, its legal address;
  • number of founders (copies of passports are required);
  • amount of the Authorized Fund and shares distribution among the founders;
  • scope of activities of your company;
  • data on the General Director;
  • taxation system chosen.

For re-registration, the followings shall be added to the previous list:

  • current Company Charter;
  • Memorandum of Association (if any);
  • certificate of OGRN (Primary State Identification Number), TIN;
  • Minutes of meeting regarding the LLC establishment and the appointment of its managers;
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • copies of passports of company participants, general director and founders.

Other documents shall be provided at the request of the legal expert who deals with your case.


Professional approach, right legal solutions

Lawyers of “De-Yure De-Fakto” are always ready to help you in formation of the complete set of documents regarding your LLC, its Authorized Fund, to advice on any matter relating to the registration of the company and to establish a company on “turnkey” basis.

Did you decide to register an LLC? You still have not decided on the organizational and legal form of a legal entity? Please contact our office! We provide any legal information and offer a whole range of services that are necessary to open a company. Qualified consultants will help to resolve any issue.

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