Sometimes, conflicts that arise between relatives can develop in such a way that legal assistance is required. “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers services on resolving family disputes in a peaceful way, and if this is impossible, our experienced family law attorney will represent you in the court with a complete evidence base.

What kind of help will provide the family law attorney?

You will always be provided with professional support if you need to:

  • recognize the falseness of (invalidate) the marriage registered;
  • terminate the marriage without the presence of one of the parties;
  • divide up the property;
  • settle disputes concerning the place of residence of joint children;
  • collect alimony;
  • challenge the items of the marriage contract;
  • establish paternity;
  • solve lawsuits regarding inheritance and others.


Your case will be assigned to the lawyer who shall supervise it until the expected result is achieved.


Our advantages:

  • many-year practical experience and professionalism;
  • integrated approach to conflict resolution;
  • serious and responsible approach to the case;
  • availability of professional staff with narrow legal specialization;
  • confidentiality.

You can apply to our Bureau with regard to any family matters. Our lawyers will choose the most rapid and effective ways to resolve the problem. First of all, “De-Yure De-Fakto” experts will conduct friendly talks to clarify the demands of the parties and their positions. If the opposite side of the family dispute is not ready to a compromise, we are ready to represent you in court, accompanying you at all stages of judicial proceedings.

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