On January 25, 2018, the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Administrative Procedure was adopted. The administrative procedure is aimed at protection of violated or disputed rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens and legal entities in the field of administrative and other public legal relations.


The following cases are considered under the administrative procedure:

  • on challenging departmental regulatory and legal documents;
  • on challenging decisions, actions (inaction) of governmental agencies and/or other organizations authorized to conduct administrative and legal activities (hereinafter referred to as administrative bodies), self-government institution and their officials that do not comply with the law and violate the rights and interests of citizens or legal entities protected by law;
  • on challenging actions (decisions) of election commissions;
  • on challenging a refusal to notarize or register a deed of civil status, or challenging actions (inaction) of a notary or an official of the registry office;
  • on appealing against a refusal to register officially or an evasion of official registration within the prescribed period;
  • on investment disputes referred to in Article 271 of the Code;
  • on competition referred to in Article 272 of the Code;
  • The Court also resolves other cases with regard to protection of violated or disputed rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens and legal entities arising from administrative and other public legal relations, attributed to its competence by law.


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