The main task of the Antimonopoly Committee is to ensure sound competition in the commodity and financial markets. Disputes in the field of unfair competition and violations of competition laws are best resolved with the involvement of professionals.

To protect the interests of our clients in the field of antitrust and competition laws, the DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau offers the following legal assistance:

  • protecting clients from unfair actions taken by their competitors;
  • representing clients in the Antimonopoly Committee during investigations and court proceedings;
  • protecting the interests of our clients during inspections on compliance with antimonopoly laws;
  • consulting, provision of legal opinions on the application of antimonopoly laws;
  • preparing procedural documents, protecting the interests of our clients on appeal against decisions of the antimonopoly authority.

The assistance of a professional lawyer increases the possibility of favorable dispute resolution.

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