A registered trademark is an important component of successful business, that is why trademarks require to be protected. Exclusive rights to a trademark arise only after its registration with an authorized state agency.


We, DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau, are ready to provide legal assistance in preparing and filing your application for registration of a trademark, as well as to help protecting your trademark from being used by third parties.

Our lawyers render the following services:

  • Professional advice;
  • Assistance in registering a trademark;
  • Challenging the decision on refusal before the Appeals Board and in the Court;
  • Protection of the object of intellectual property and punishment of the offenders;
  • Processing complex issues and further support.


Also, our lawyers will assist persons accused of violating intellectual property rights, as well as resolve an intellectual dispute between the owners of the trademark.

Entrust the solution of your problems to the professionals of DE-YURE DE-FAKTO! Call us!

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