We, “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offer services on drawing up claims and appealing court decisions for individuals. Correctly drawn-up documents are the basis for achieving a positive result in the court proceeding. Delegate collection of information and drawing up a statement of claim to a professional – a lawyer responsible for your case will prepare and submit a claim, a complaint or an appeal exactly on the specified date.

Why does this procedure require the participation of professionals?

There is a high probability that your documents will be accepted at the first try. The slightest inaccuracy in preparation of claim may be a reason for refuse in initiating a case. An experienced lawyer is able to describe everything in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and select those articles that establish your case.

Related issues can be settled with your minimal attendance. The specialist in charge of your case will be entrusted with sending requests to the state authorities, collecting and analyzing the evidence base. Apply to professionals and save your time and efforts.

Your application will be clear for the court. Writing a good, competent statement – not every lawyer possesses this talent. The document must be concise, informative and free of any frills.

In addition to the preparation of claim, our lawyers provide comprehensive support during the legal proceedings.

Do you want to appeal the court decision on your case?

The most reliable, immediate and most convenient way to achieve the desired result is to gather the support of an experienced lawyer who would easily draw up a complaint, submit it right in time and control the proper adherence to all procedural measures up to obtaining a positive result for the Client.

Do not rely on an individual initiative at a time when concentration and solid legal experience is required! Contact our consultants, order services of the experienced lawyers and we are sure that your case will be addressed in your favor only.

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