The DE-YURE DE-FAKTO Law Bureau can assist you in restoring lost documents in accordance with the law, namely, in obtaining a duplicate birth or marriage certificate, a certificate and an extract from the deed in the registry office, a certificate of education, a duplicate diploma in educational and higher educational institutions, as well as other documents with the government agencies and organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Using our assistance, you may save your money, time and restore your documents as soon as possible. We provide you advice on all issues of interest, and tell you which papers are necessary for document restoration.

Just contact us by phone, e-mail, via Telegram or Whatsapp messengers to discuss the details of providing assistance, conclusion an agreement with us, and we will start collecting documents. After obtaining necessary documents, we will send them to your country of residence in any way convenient for you.

We will be happy to assist you!

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