“De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau manages professional settlement of labor disputes for individuals. The lawyers of our Bureau who have strong practical experience are ready to analyze the situation and help you in solving a labor dispute.

Which labor issues require the lawyer’s intervention?

We will help you to solve labor disputes related to:

  • collection of salaries and other payments;
  • illegal dismissal;
  • restoration at the former job;
  • collection of salaries for the period of forced absenteeism;
  • compensation for moral damage caused by unlawful actions of the administration;
  • establishment of unreasonable refusal to hire for a job;
  • other issues requiring the involvement of a professional lawyer.

Legal support of Client, always beneficial solutions

In our Bureau you will receive all kinds of assistance, both advisory and practical. Our goal is to protect your lawful rights and interests! Experienced lawyers specialized in labor law are always ready to struggle for justice.

We provide:

  • oral advise (our lawyer will help to assess the situation and will suggest a way to resolve the conflict);
  • drawing up written opinion with reference to the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • visiting the Client to analyze the situation “on site”;
  • comprehensive case management in the courts (drawing up claim, collection of documents and representation in the court), and much more.

Do you have any conflict situation at work? We recommend to contact urgently an experienced lawyer specialized in labor law. Timely support of a competent lawyer increases your chances to achieve a positive outcome of the case.

Entrust solving of your problems to the professionals of “De-Yure De-Fakto”! Call us!

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