There are a lot of cases in legal practices that a debtor refuses to pay to the creditor and the need arises in collecting the debt. “De-Yure De-Fakto” Law Bureau offers debt collecting services to individuals and legal entities. The geography of our activities covers the whole territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

How is the basic procedure for debt collection?

In order to collect the debt with a positive result for the Client, the following meaures shall be taken:

  • comprehensive analysis of the situation and relations between the parties;
  • selection of a correct method for debt collection;
  • preparation of a letter of appeal to the debtor;
  • calculation of the amount of debt (including fines and penalties);
  • negotiating;
  • notification of the debtor in writing (letter of claim);
  • letter to the debtor before action;
  • preparation of documents for the court (with notification to the debtor);
  • filing a suit in the court;
  • collecting funds based on the court decision.

The debt recovery procedures for individuals and legal entities differ slightly.

  • The debt recovery procedures for individuals and legal entities differ slightly.
  • Recovery from legal entities may be difficult in the case that the debtor is a “one-day” company, or a large legal entity with zero balance and complicated schemes of financial transactions.

Our experts know all the ways used to hide material values both by individuals and by companies and organizations. The most important thing is to start the debt collection procedure on time. The earlier it is implemented, the more chances are to collect the money due to creditors.

Whatever is your situation, the qualified lawyers’ assistance will always come in handy. Contact our Law Bureau and we will solve any problems concerning the repayment of debt!

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